Technology helps find home

Staying away from your loved ones is always quite difficult at times especially when you have not met them for long. I decided to spend my Saturday evening by watching a movie which evades my bad mood. I chose the “Dev Patel” to entertain me.


The dialogues in this two-hour long movie are delivered in two languages-Hindi and English, sequentially. Adapted from a book ‘A long way home’, this true story brings tears by narrating the life of a lost boy in 1986. The movie has a deep sense of music and silence which enables us to realize and sense the emotion that is intended to convey. I was wondering the reason for the name lion until I watched the climax. The movie tells us a tale of life through minimal dialogues. While watching the movie, tears welled in eyes for the small boy. I am just fascinated by the simple yet though provoking way the story was narrated. The second part of the movie was complex when the 25-year-old boy, staying oceans away from his home, gets a flash of his old memories frequently. The movie edges to how technology helped him find his home. The screenplay in the second part was amazing that you can’t keep your eyes off the screen.

An awesome must watch movie!!! Day attributed to the ‘Lion’!!!:)


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