Women do not deserve equal rights as men

It is remarkable to see women achieving and excelling in different fields. They go to space (Kalpana Chawla), are appointed at Governance (Hillary Clinton, Nirmala Sitharaman), are journalists (Burkha Dutt), break Olympic records (PV Sindhu), own companies (Indra Nooyi, Christine Lagarde) and are lawyers, doctors, artists, musicians, dancers.

Article 15(1) of the Indian constitution mentions equality of opportunities for all citizens on the grounds of employment.  However, there is no constitutional law that states the equality of men and women. There are ministries such as Women and Child welfare in the constitution. There is no Ministry of welfare for men. Both are different sex and indeed women are physically the weaker sex. Let me substantiate it with a reason why women should not be allowed to go to temples during their menstrual cycle and should be deprived of equality. Women are impure and unholy at those times as they shed blood which renders weakness. According to ancient Indian Science, humans’ existence and movement were recognized with “Energy.” According to the 5000-year-old, Ayurveda, menstruation is the process of monthly cleansing. Scientifically, within hours of bleeding, estrogens level slowly begins to rise and women tend to feel discomfort as it removes all impure, waste blood from the body. This is considered as removing negative energy from the system. Based on the law of attraction, during this time it is obvious to attract all the positive forces. To be precise, positive energies rise up from the temples (through light and idol), and negative energy goes downwards in menstruation. More than discomforting the body of women, it neutralizes the energy in the idol. Hence they should not be allowed to the temples when they bleed.


It is not the battle of sex. It is the battle of practicality. However, women are the reasonable existence of creating the other. According to the physical definition of equality, “Two quantities or things are approximately equal when they are close enough in value so the difference is inconsequential in practical terms.” Men and women differ widely in their values both physically and mentally and thus the concept of equality is a false notion. Apples are not equal to oranges. They are fruits, but not all oranges make an apple pie and neither the converse is true.  It is worth remembering that the term ‘gender’ came about in the early 1960’s in an attempt to differentiate between one’s biological sex and imposed socio-cultural roles.

According to me, women should not demand equality. They should continue to achieve at greater heights to prove that they are not equal and are just greater than men. India, “Bharat Matha”, by name gives a high reverence to women. When a society fails to understand the nature of men and women, everything turns unfair and the demand of equality rises.




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