Journalism and Valmiki

One of the most important things in journalism is to support our story with facts. We should learn to accept that readers would not want to hear our stories if they are not strengthened with facts. Valmiki, the great author of the Epic Ramayana had written about this too.

According to the Valmiki-

When Sita was abducted by Ravana and kept aloof in Ashoka Garden in Sri Lanka, Hanuman flew over the sea to reach Sri Lanka to know about her presence and whereabouts. Hanuman met Sita looking distressed sitting under the tree. Seeing the form (a monkey) of Hanuman, Sita was perplexed and frightened, thinking that might be the negative form of Ravana.

To let her trust that he was a messenger of Ram, Hanuman gave the ring to her. This ring was earlier returned to Ram by Guha, a close friend of Ram, who helped in crossing the river through the boat after leaving Ayodhya.

With smiles widespread like a rainbow in the sky, Sita was in happy tears and asked Hanuman to convey her regards to Ram giving him her Ornament (soodamani).

Hanuman gave her a confidence that Ram will fight Ravana and take her back to Ayodhya. 

After returning to the forest, Hanuman happily said to Ram “Kanden Seetayai” and gave him the ornament that was given by Sita.

This shows that even in the great Epic of Ramayana, information was backed with proofs. 


Image result for Seetha gives soodamani to hanuman

When Seeta gives her ornament to Hanuman


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